Scott says he’ll ‘clean out’ DOJ if he’s elected president

PELLA — Republican candidate Tim Scott is promising to fire the head of the FBI if he’s elected president and “clean out” all the Department of Justice staff appointed by President Biden.

“Americans must have a justice system where the lady of justice wears a blindfold,” Scott said. “We cannot target Republicans and protect Democrats.”

Scott held a town hall style forum in Pella last night. The final question from the crowd came from a man who said the Department of Justice is “weaponized against Americans” and “it’s not going to stop with (Donald) Trump.”

Scott did not mention the recent indictment of the former president or even refer to Trump by name in his answer, but Scott used the word corrosive to describe the culture inside the Department of Justice.

“We don’t survive when the majority of Americans don’t have confidence in our justice system,” Scott said. “…You cannot be the city on the hill if you cannot trust law and order.”

Trump appointed Christopher Wray FBI director in 2017 for a 10 year term that ends in 2027. More than 115,000 people are employed in the U.S. Department of Justice. According to the Washington Post, President Biden had appointed 22 people to positions within the Department of Justice by the end of April.

Scott, who is a U.S. Senator from South Carolina, also told the crowd of about 250 in Pella that he would make changes in the Department of Education. Scott proposed redirecting some federal funds to provide performance bonuses to teachers whose students advance beyond grade level.