Scott retools presidential campaign, going ‘all-in on Iowa’

INDIANOLA — South Carolina Senator Tim Scott’s presidential campaign plans to double its staff in Iowa and has announced the candidate will be visiting the state weekly.

In a news release, Scott’s campaign called it an “all-in on Iowa” strategy. It’s a bet that going for a win in the Caucuses could spur campaign fundraising and propel him in the polls. Scott’s campaign manager said no other 2024 candidate has higher favorability ratings with Iowa evangelical voters and there’s a “lane” for Scott to win the Caucuses if his appeal to those voters is successful.

Scott’s faith is front and center as he speaks to Iowa audiences. “I’m so thankful to know a risen Savior who has helped guide my way,” Scott said recently in Des Moines.

This was his message at an Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition event in late April: “A liberal reporter wrote that the era of value of voters was over. How ridiculous is that? They have never been to the great state of Iowa. They have never been a room with a thousand value voters who have faith on their sleeves and Jesus in their hearts.”

Scott often uses Bible verses to frame his policy statements and Scott cites a passage from the New Testament as he talks about the situation in Israel. “Romans 13:4 says for those who do evil, the wrath of God should be the consequence,” Scott said this past weekend, “and I hope it comes with some Israeli and American hardware.”

Scott is holding a town hall meeting in Indianola late Tuesday morning. He campaigned in Marshalltown last night.

Scott’s retooled campaign follows news that a political action committee supporting Scott had pulled the ads it planned to run this fall. It’s also unclear whether Scott will qualify for next month’s candidate debate, as the criteria calls for higher poll numbers. Scott’s campaign announced today it will boost spending on social media and has reserved $1.6 million worth of television ads in Iowa markets.