Scam phone calls happening targeting seniors eligible for new homestead property tax credit

MASON CITY — The Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Department says they’ve received information from the county’s Assessor’s Office about scam calls.

They say there have been reports of scam calls targeting the 65-and-older population with the hopes of getting personal information, with the caller saying they are from the Assessor’s Office and want to help them get signed up for the new homestead exemption.

The Assessor’s Office says they are not initiating calls to sign people up and they wait for homeowners to contact their office to fill out the form. The Assessor’s Office says the only personal information they use is they need birth dates.

The Sheriff’s Department says if anyone contacts you asking for things like your Social Security Number or other information that could be used to adversely affect you, hang up and call law enforcement.