Ribbon cutting held for Scrip Road bike trail (AUDIO)

MASON CITY — A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held this morning for the Scrip Road Trail Conversion Project that’s part of Mason City’s Destination Iowa bike trail project. The project converting the road that ran along the Winnebago River between Illinois Avenue and Asbury Park was recently completed by Heartland Asphalt.

Mayor Bill Schickel says the new trail is already getting a lot of use.   “You know, that’s an historic area really, just a beautiful area along the Winnebago River there, and it’s another milestone in making Mason City the outdoor recreation capital of the Midwest.”

The trail replaced a nearly century-old historic road that had fallen into disrepair, and Schickel says its revitalization into a trail is a positive for Mason City.  “Scrip Road was built during the depths of the Great Depression, and it was a way the community really came together to find a way to stimulate economic development. That scrip was developed by the Chamber of Commerce, and they would pay the workers and pay others with that local money because money was so tight, and it was really a turning point for Mason City. Isn’t it remarkable that here 100 years later we’re essentially doing the same thing, the community coming together to renew that area and really make it into a destination.”

Schickel says using the Scrip Road area as a trail makes more sense and will help connect together the city’s trail system.  “It will eventually link all of our trails in Mason City, starting out at NIACC, coming down along the Winnebago on the Scrip Road trail, then there will be a bridge over the Winnebago through into Muse-Norris Park there, eventually linking with the High Line Trail that we dedicated earlier this year, then traveling north along the beautiful Winnebago to the kayak/fishing launch area, and then going north into the bike park and the Lime Creek Nature Center.”

Schickel made his comments on the “Ask the Mayor” program on KGLO earlier today. Listen back to the program and/or download it via the audio player below