DES MOINES — Governor Kim Reynolds will deliver the annual “Condition of the State” address to the legislature this evening. During remarks at a Monday morning GOP fundraiser, Reynolds told Republican lawmakers she’ll outline “big ideas” tonight.

“We ran as unapologetic conservatives,” Reynolds said, “and not only did Iowans approve of the job that we’re doing, they gave us a mandate to continue to be bold and to continue to be decisive.”

Lawmakers expect Reynolds to unveil a new, more expansive plan to give parents state money to cover private school expenses. Reynolds is featured touting “school choice” in a new TV ad financed by a conservative political action committee. 


Democrats and progressives say polls show the agenda Republican lawmakers plan to pursue in the 2023 legislature is unpopular with Iowans.

Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa, hosted what he called “The People’s Condition of the State” event at the Capitol this morning.  “Think of where the public opinion is on these issues,” Sinovic said. “Every poll that we’ve seen…We wan  fully funded public schools. We want to raise in the minimum wage. A vast majority oppose the voucher scheme that we expect to see.” 

You can watch Iowa PBS coverage of the Condition of the State address starting at 6:00 PM at