Reynolds says 2024 is ‘just too important’ and she may endorse a presidential candidate

DES MOINES — Two statewide officials who were just elected in 2022 have endorsed a G-O-P presidential candidate and Governor Kim Reynolds — the Republican who got the most votes in last November’s election — could be next.

“I don’t have any specific timeline on that, but I haven’t ruled it out,” Reynolds says. “…This next election is just too important.”

Former President Donald Trump has been posting messages on his Truth Social platform, criticizing Reynolds for not endorsing him. Early this year Reynolds said she was neutral in the race, in order to welcome all the candidates to campaign here and she hosted a series of “Fair Side Chats” at the Iowa State Fair with most of the candidates who are competing against Trump for the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential nomination.

On Wednesday, the governor told reporters the lack of border security is one of the issues that could motivate her to get directly involved in a presidential campaign.  “Just inflation and just the decline of this country…it’s really important,” Reynolds said, “and so I’m not going to not consider it.”

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird endorsed former President Trump last week. State Treasurer Roby Smith endorsed Vivek Ramaswamy late this summer.