Reynolds ‘optimistic’ about legal arguments over six-week abortion ban

DES MOINES — The Iowa Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments this afternoon over the Iowa law that would ban abortions after fetal activity can be detected, around the sixth week of a pregnancy.

The policy has been on hold due to the legal challenge filed soon after Governor Kim Reynolds signed the law last July. “We’re optimistic and hopeful. We’ve passed the ‘heartbeat’ law twice in the state of Iowa,” Reynolds said. “It passed by a larger majority this last go-round in the special session.”

Reynolds signed a Fetal Heartbeat Act in 2018, but it was ruled unconstitutional in state court. Last year, after the U-S Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, Reynolds asked Iowa’s Supreme Court to let the law take effect, but the request failed on a tie vote among the justices.

In July, Reynolds convened a special legislative session to pass the law again. Planned Parenthood quickly sued to block the law, arguing it violates Iowans’ constitutional right to an abortion.

The Iowa Supreme Court is expected to issue its ruling by the end of June.