Reynolds mentions Mason City’s downtown revitalization efforts in Condition of State address

DES MOINES — Governor Reynolds wrapped up her Condition of the State address last night with a mention about Mason City’s downtown revitalization efforts. 

“In Mason City, residents are completely remaking their downtown with the historic Frank Lloyd Wright hotel as an anchor. They’ve created a beautiful park on main street, repurposed a mall as an ice arena, and lined the streets’ buildings with second-floor housing.”

Reynolds mentioned other revitalization projects around the state and says doing these types of projects will help bring people to Iowa.  “Revitalization efforts like these are happening all over the state. They are happening because people see something special in our small towns and cities. They see something special in each other.”

Reynolds referenced the movie Field of Dreams, saying if we build it, they will come.  “If we get this right, if we get this opportunity, then people will come, but for reasons that are obvious. They’ll come because here they can find freedom and opportunity because of our small towns and our thriving cities. They’ll come because we reward work, value personal responsibility, and care for our neighbors. Above all, they’ll come because we put our faith in Iowans, and Iowans always come through.” 

Reynolds has been in Mason City a number of times over the last few years to view Mason City’s downtown revitalization efforts. Mason City Mayor Bill Schickel, City Administrator Aaron Burnett, and Mason City Chamber of Commerce CEO Robin Anderson were in the House gallery watching the governor’s speech last night.

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