Reynolds joins GOP governors saying Texas has a right to self-defense

DES MOINES — Governor Kim Reynolds and two dozen other Republican governors are siding with the governor of Texas in his border dispute with the Biden Administration.

The statement from the governors comes after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled federal agents can remove razor wire Texans installed at Eagle Pass, along the U.S.-Mexico border. “Poor Governor Abbott,” Reynolds told Radio Iowa. “…You have your own administration and then the Supreme Court rule that when you’re trying to protect the sovereignty of your country and your citizens rule against you, it’s scary times that we’re in right now.”

Reynolds said the State of Texas should be able to use every tool necessary to defend itself from the tide of mass migration across the border.

“There’s not a country out there that can withstand what we’re seeing, so it’s just a matter to time where something happens,” Reynolds said. “We’re seeing guns and drugs and terrorists come across. There’s no accountability. Our Border Patrol people are just processing people, giving them an airplane ticket and a phone and money and dispersing them throughout the country. It makes me sick to my stomach.”

Reynolds and the other Republican governors say the U.S. Constitution gives states the right of self-defense in times like this. Neighboring GOP governors in Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota signed onto the statement in support of Texas.

A spokesman for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security this week said enforcement of immigration law is a federal responsibility and the razor wire, fences and gates stalled by the State of Texas have only made it harder for federal agents to do their jobs.