Ramaswamy says China should be ejected from WTO

LE MARS — The latest Des Moines Register “Iowa Poll” shows Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has the support of about four percent of likely Iowa Caucus goers. Ramaswamy made a campaign swing through northwest Iowa on Monday, with stops in four cities.

“If I win Iowa, I’m your next president. We’re spending the time and this is how we’re going it,” Ramaswamy said, “roomfuls like this.”

Ramaswamy told a crowd in Le Mars they’ll have an outsized impact on the race. “You guys, as the sole caucus now only for the Republicans, if 200,000 show up to the Caucus, it’s like the equivalent of the power of a million people showing up,” Ramaswamy said. “So you guys…the people in the room, it’s like I’m talking to 20 million of you right now. That’s what it feels like to me.”

In Sioux City and Le Mars, Ramaswamy called for cracking down on China and kicking them out of the World Trade Organization. “If we don’t hold them accountable for unleashing a man-made virus that was hell on the world,” Ramaswamy said, “…we can expect far worse in the future.”

Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott will campaign in northeast Iowa on Thursday, with stops planned in Decorah and Independence. Last week, Scott’s campaign announced the South Carolina senator was “all-in on Iowa” and will focus on appealing to evangelical Christians who’ll be attending the January 15, 2024 Iowa Caucuses.