Ramaswamy makes stops in north-central Iowa today

NORTHWOOD — Ohio businessman Vivek Ramaswamy is kicking off a five-day swing through Iowa today. It comes a day after it was revealed a man had been accused of sending text messages threatening to kill him ahead of a scheduled campaign event in New Hampshire on Monday.

Ramaswamy tells KGLO News that he’s thankful for the people who protect him and now it’s time to move forward this week in Iowa. “I’m very grateful to local law enforcement on the ground in New Hampshire, all law enforcement who were involved, and also to my team. We have a great security team including Army Rangers and Green Berets who protect me every day. I’m grateful for the hard work that they do, and most importantly, we’re going to stay true to the mission of reviving this country, and I’m grateful to be here in Iowa, and we continue onward.”

Ramaswamy says the threat is just part of the job of being a presidential candidate.  “Suffice to say, I think many people who have run for president in the last ten years, this is an issue that occasionally comes up for other candidates too, but I wish and pray for everybody in this process and pray for every American frankly for their health. We’re excited to go onward, we’re here in Iowa now for the next five days, we’re hitting 29 counties, so we’re going ahead at full speed and I’m grateful for the team around me.”

The new Des Moines Register/NBC News Iowa Poll shows Ramaswamy has only five percent support of likely Iowa Caucus-goers. He counters that a recent Morning Consult poll taken in the early voting states shows him with 13% support and rising in the ranks. “I think the polls that are capturing the people who are first-time caucus goers show me shooting up actually, because many of our supporters are not included in the traditional older-school polls. They include younger voters, non-traditional voters, including Republicans but those who have not come out to a caucus before. Those are the people who are coming to our events. So I think we’re going to deliver a major shock to the system on January 15.”

Ramaswamy says he’s banking on people who are getting involved in politics for the first time to help push his campaign over the top. “People who understand we need a CEO in the White House, somebody with fresh legs from the next generation, coming in from the outside. That’s what I am, and I think a lot of those people from college campuses in Iowa, to even Libertarians or people who share our pro-freedom values but don’t necessarily vote in Republican caucasus in the past are saying ‘this is my moment’. That’s not only going to help us win the Iowa Caucus, this is what’s going to help us win the general election in a landslide. That’s the kind of coalition we’re going to need to deliver a really decisive landslide victory in 2024.”

Ramaswamy made stops in Northwood and Osage this morning.