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Probation for Mason City man who racked up almost $8500 on someone else’s credit card

MASON CITY — A Mason City man has been given a suspended prison sentence and probation after pleading guilty to using someone else’s credit card and racking up over $8000 in charges.

26-year-old Travis Kittleson was accused of using someone else’s credit card number more than 100 times between July 10th and August 31st.

Kittleson as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors pleaded guilty in December to one count of credit card fraud.

District Associate Judge Adam Sauer this week sentenced Kittleson to a five-year prison term, which was suspended, placed him on two years probation, and ordered him to pay restitution to the victim in the amount of $8454.

Kittleson was also ordered to follow all recommended substance abuse and mental health treatment.

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