Police arrest suspect in alleged assault, in Council Bluffs, of ex-U.S. Senator

COUNCIL BLUFFS — Police have arrested the suspect in the alleged assault of a former U.S. senator and retired U-S Air Force colonel as she was running late Wednesday morning in a Council Bluffs park along the Missouri River.

Former U.S.. Senator Martha McSally of Arizona posted a video on Instagram yesterday, saying a man came up behind her as she was running in Council Bluffs, put her in a bear hug and began molesting her. McSally says she fought him off, chased him into some brush and called 911. Council Bluffs police released surveillance images of the alleged attacker from cameras in the park and identified him as a 25-year-old Nebraska man. He was arrested this morning in Omaha and charged with assault with the intent to commit sexual abuse.

McSally served 26 years in the U-S Air Force and was the first female pilot to fly in combat. During a U-S Senate hearing in 2019, McSally testified that she had been raped by a superior officer when she was in the military.