Polar Bear Club event raises over $8500 for Make-A-Wish, Toys for Tots

CLEAR LAKE — 180 people ran into Clear Lake on Sunday afternoon for charity in the annual Polar Bear Club event.

Angel Mitchell from Mason City participated for the 4th time in the event. “It’s really cold and your legs get numb, but it’s not a big deal.”

Alex Dloughy made his first trip into icy Clear Lake for the charity event.  “I run off the adrenaline from the shock, and that’s what got me out there and in there. I’m going to be a lot more prepared and next time, I’m going to know what to wear. I’m going to wear water shoes, you can cut your feet on the sand, I didn’t know that, so thankfully I can’t feel anything, but I’m going to go home, kind of bandage myself up, and nothing is going to feel more inviting than the warm shower that’s waiting there for me.

Jody Trygastad is a veteran of the event.  “There’s a strategy out there. You go out there, high-five all the EMTs, and you dive in on the way out because it’s such a shock. When I first went in there,  the first year I was a rookie, I’d dive in, a big shock, and you have a hard time getting back out of water, so yeah it’s it’s a little exhilarating.”

Over $8500 was raised for Make-A-Wish and Toys For Tots.