Planned Parenthood closing three Iowa clinics

DES MOINES — Planned Parenthood is closing three of its nine clinics in Iowa over the next year.

Clinics in Cedar Falls, Council Bluffs, and the south side of Des Moines will be closed, due to what Planned Parenthood officials say are staffing shortages and increased costs. The organization plans to relocate some staff and expand abortion services at its Ames, Iowa City and Omaha clinics. Mazie Stilwell with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Iowa says they also plan to offer medication abortion at the clinic near Drake University in Des Moines.

“Consolidating locations will prevent the routine closing of health centers due to staffing shortages, ensuring that patients experience a continuity of care,” Stilwell says. “I must emphasize that while the number of Planned Parenthood health centers will decrease, these changes will increase the number of patients that we can see.”

Planned Parenthood’s clinic in Cedar Falls has already closed. Stilwell says the south Des Moines and Council Bluffs locations won’t be closed until the Ames and Omaha clinics are ready to take on more patients.