NORTHWOOD — The Northwood-Kensett and St. Ansgar school districts have agreed to share a superintendent starting next school year. Current Northwood-Kensett superintendent Michael Crozier will lead both districts starting on July 1st of this year.

A joint statement released by the school districts says the purpose of the sharing agreement is to create additional savings and revenue to solidify and advance student programming for students. The school board presidents, Larry Hovey of Northwood-Kensett and Steve Groth of St. Ansgar, say while the agreement is a positive move, they stress it is not a move toward consolidation or whole grade sharing.

Hovey says in the times of lean supplemental state aid, schools today are doing everything they can to conserve funds. Groth says they are looking forward to partnering with Northwood-Kensett to make it a positive experience for everyone, and most importantly, save funds that can be spent on students.

The two districts have been in sharing agreements for their transportation, maintenance and human resources directors for the past three years. The superintendent sharing agreement will be in place on a year-to-year basis and continually be evaluated during the school year.