Near record warm temperatures expected by Thursday

JOHNSTON — The weather is going to cooperate if you still have some outdoor work to do this week.

National Weather Service meteorologist Alexis Jimenez  says temperatures are forecast to be double the norm. “Where our normal high temperatures are usually in the upper 30s around this time of year, we’re going to have temperatures reaching near 60 degrees, especially by Thursday. We can start seeing some records breaking,” she says.

The warmth will spread from the western side of the state. “The warmest will especially be in western Iowa on Wednesday, and Thursday it’s going to be much of Iowa will be near 60,” Jimenez says.

If you are working outside, be prepared for windy conditions. “It’ll be a little bit breezy. The afternoon hours we’re expecting some gusts up to 30 miles per hour at times as we get through the middle part of the week,” she says. “So just be careful with that portion of the weather, but as far as temperatures go it’s gonna be pretty nice out there.”

As is always the case with warm weather in December, enjoy it while you can. “Those warm temperatures will last up until we get a cold front moving through on Saturday, where our highs will fall back down into the upper 30s,” according to Jimenez.

She says there is a chance for some rain in southeast Iowa on Saturday, and maybe some snow chances on the backside of it there as well.