More snow on the way — area under a Winter Storm Watch for Thursday

MASON CITY — While some snow and rain fell overnight across the state — forecasters say that’s just the start. 

National Weather Service meteorologist Cory Martin says the next storm moving in could cause more problems. “We’ll be looking at a much more robust system as we get into Thursday into Thursday night, which has the potential to bring some moderate to heavy snowfall to parts of the state. Our main area of concern would be generally the northern half of the state,” Martin says, “that’s where our confidence is highest at this time that we could see snowfall totals surpassing six inches or more, and the potential for snow and blowing snow.”

He says the amount and type of precipitation for the other half of the state is less certain. “Toward the southern half of the state, you know as you get near the I-80 corridor, we’ll be looking at temperatures near to just above freezing — which casts some considerable uncertainty on if we’ll get any snowfall to accumulate in this area. But that’s something that will be closely watching,” Martin says.

The northern half of the state has taken the brunt of the snowfall in most of the recent storms. “That’s just been the favorable storm track you know it seems like over the last month or so, it likes to bring warm air just far enough north to bring the precipitation type question into the into the story. And typically you know obviously the southern part of the state is going to be where those questions would remain this time around again,” he says.

Martin says this won’t be the last of the snow for this season. “Looking at another chance for some light snow as we get into the weekend and then continued trended below normal temps for this time of year as we get in middle part of March — but luckily you know, cold in March is not the same as cold in January,” Martin says. “We know our average temperature is now starting to go up pretty quickly and by the end of the month we’re looking at average highs into the 50s.”

Martin says you should keep an eye on the forecast as things can change rapidly as these storms move into Iowa.

=== The listening area is under a Winter Storm Watch Thursday morning through late Thursday night, with 5-7 inches of snow expected