Moms for Liberty rally at Iowa Capitol

DES MOINES — Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird is urging members of the conservative “Moms for Liberty” group not to be discouraged by election losses or a judge’s order that has temporarily blocked a state law the group sought.

“We will see the fruits of this journey, I think, for a long time,” Bird says. “And now is not the time to give up, is it? We are going to keep on working hard, keep on doing the right thing.”

Only one of the Iowa school board candidates backed by Moms for Liberty won in this fall’s school board races. At the end of the year, a federal judge issued an order temporarily blocking the state from enforcing a law that bans certain books in schools and forbids instruction about sexual orientation in elementary classrooms.  “To make sure that kids get age appropriate instruction and to keep sexually explicit materials out of school libraries, right? And we are going to continue fighting that case and working hard to defend Iowa’s law in the courts,” Bird said.

Bird was the closing speaker at Moms for Liberty Day at the Iowa Capitol on Wednesday. “It is so great to be here in this room full of fellow freedom fighters, it?” Bird said. “It feels good.”

The event attracted protesters who call Moms for Liberty a hate group.