Mason City woman sentenced to two days in jail after pleading guilty to taking over $2000 of benefits from local store

MASON CITY — A Mason City woman has been sentenced to two days in jail after pleading guilty to stealing over $2000 of benefits while working at a local store.

A criminal complaint accused 43-year-old Shanna Askildson of committing theft of property from Mills Fleet Farm by letting her family and friends not pay for property at the register and using her phone number for rewards when customers did not have their rewards accounts available so she could earn money toward property in the store.

The complaint stated that Askildson did this between November 27th of last year and March 5th of this year with the intent to deprive the business of money and property having a total value of just under $2076.

Askildson originally pleaded not guilty to second-degree theft, a Class D felony. She pleaded guilty last month to a charge of third-degree theft as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Judge Adam Sauer on Wednesday sentenced Askildson to 365 days in jail with all but two days suspended and placed her on one year probation. She was also ordered to pay full restitution to the store.