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Mason City School Board approves early retirement requests

Mason City School Board (file photo)

MASON CITY — The Mason City School Board last night approved the requests of 23 employees seeking early retirement requests.

The board back in October approved an early retirement incentive program for eligible employees who are at least 55 years old at the time of retirement and have a minimum of five complete and continuous years of service. 124 employees were eligible for early retirement incentives, 60 more than would have been eligible if the board would have required 10 years of consecutive and continuous service.

Superintendent Dave Versteeg says there were a handful of employees that had five but not 10 years that took advantage of the opportunity.  “I think the board’s move to add or change to less than 10 years of service was a positive. We have I believe seven early retirees who would not have normally qualified. That’s going to be very helpful.”

The combined experience of the 23 employees is 411 years of service. Among those early retirement approvals was the district’s executive director of curriculum and instruction, Susan Pecinovsky, who had five years of service with the school district.

You can find the full list of early retirements here.

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