Mason City man acquitted of kidnapping sentenced to ten years on sexual abuse charge

MASON CITY — It’s ten years in prison for a Mason City man found guilty of sexual abuse and assault but acquitted on a charge of kidnapping.

24-year-old Moises Erreguin-Labra was charged with first-degree kidnapping, third-degree sexual abuse, as well as assault causing bodily injury. He was accused of locking a female in a room in a home in the 400 block of 1st Southwest for at least five days in early June 2022, not allowing her to leave, and subjecting her to sexual abuse or torture.

A Cerro Gordo County jury in August found Erreguin-Labra guilty on the third-degree sexual abuse and the assault causing bodily injury charges, but found him not guilty of first-degree kidnapping as well as the lesser charges of third-degree kidnapping and false imprisonment. Erreguin-Labra had faced life in prison without the opportunity for parole if he had been convicted of first-degree kidnapping, which is a Class A felony.

District Judge Chris Foy on Tuesday sentenced Erreguin-Labra to ten years in prison on the sexual abuse charge and one year on the assault causing bodily injury charge, with credit for time served on the assault charge.