Mason City man accused of robbery pleads guilty to lesser charge

MASON CITY — A Mason City man has pleaded guilty in two separate cases of robbery.

27-year-old Johnny Hovenga along with 43-year-old Dalles Dodge were accused of forcing their way into a Mason City apartment in the 400 block of East State on the night of January 29th, with a resident being allegedly assaulted by Hovenga while Dodge took items from the residence.

Both men were charged with second-degree robbery, a Class C felony, but Hovenga on Monday pleaded guilty to a charge of third-degree burglary, an aggravated misdemeanor. Hovenga’s sentencing will be held at a later date. Dodge has pleaded not guilty in the case and is scheduled to have a jury trial on September 21st.

Hovenga was also accused of third-degree burglary for a June 14th incident in which he allegedly broke out a window to enter a detached garage and kicked in a door to a house in the 12000 block of 160th Street in Cerro Gordo County. He also is accused of entering a truck parked on the property with the intent to commit theft. Hovenga pleaded guilty on Monday to a charge of trespassing, a serious misdemeanor, and will be sentenced on October 25th.

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