Mason City council sets bid process for Riverwalk, approves agreement on Riverwalk art project

MASON CITY — The Mason City City Council has set the bid process for the Willow Creek Riverwalk Project as well as approved an agreement regarding an art project to be part of the riverwalk.

The proposed riverwalk includes play elements, public art, access to nature, benches and picnic areas and will wrap around the south side of the parking lot between the Mason City Arena and Music Man Square. The council approved an agreement with Group Creative Services on the public art installation. Group Creative was tasked with assisting the project stakeholders in completing the process to select the artist and artwork.

Kristy King with Bergland & Cram says the artists selected have public art featured in Dubai; Ankara, Turkey; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Oakland, California.  “The concept that they are putting forth is kind of a series of cylinders that act in kind of a double wave, so that kind of speaks to like music waves, water waves potentially, you could maybe even think like a pipe organ or musical instrument. I think the beauty of their sculpture and a lot of the other elements of the Riverwalk is they are to be interpreted by people in different ways, they are not kind of just delivered as an obvious thing.”

She says the interplay of light and sculpture will provide for an eye-catching entry into the downtown area.  “It will kind of be a punch-metal, and the motifs are very small, so it’s meant to be experienced visually from far away, but they want your hands and eyes on it up close. Those little motifs will have like a Prairie Style inspiration to them, like if you think of stained glass or some of those patterns, that’s what you’ll experience close up. Each one of those cylinders will be lit within.”

 The bids on the entire Riverwalk project  will be awarded at the council’s March 19th meeting. The Riverwalk project is scheduled to start in April and be completed in early summer 2025.

Click on this link to take you to the council packet to see more information on the art project, starting at page 299