Mason City council gets update on State Highway 122 project near MercyOne

MASON CITY — The City Council in Mason City last night got an update on the planned improvements to the MercyOne Corridor of State Highway 122 between South Pierce and South Monroe Avenues. The project calls for the complete reconstruction of the four-lane pavement in the seven-tenths of a mile stretch.

Scott Sweet of WHKS says they are also looking at several other improvements to be done as part of the project.  “Upgrading the sidewalk facilities, they are in poor shape, get them so they meet ADA compliance. Improve the operation and really the look of the drainage system that’s out there. Look at the replacement or upgrading of the aging infrastructure. Looking at as we get into final design some aesthetics out there as far as median treatments, maybe some lighting that can be done along the corridor to improve visibility and give it that feeling that you want to be out there and you’ve been walking down this corridor. Improving access to currently underdeveloped properties along the corridor is another improvement that we can do.”

Chase Holein of WHKS says the project would be done in two main phases over a two-year period, similar to another recent State Highway 122 reconstruction project.  “Basically what it boils down to it would be similar to when the one-way pairs were rebuilt in 2018 and 2019, where we would put one lane of traffic in each direction on the lanes that are not being rebuilt while the contractor works on total reconstruction of the lanes. So on this project, we are currently planning on reconstructing the eastbound lanes first, which would mean traffic would be in the westbound lanes.”

Holien says with the project happening in the MercyOne area, they’ve been working with the hospital and emergency medical service organization in the area on the construction impacts.  “We have been coordinating access with the hospital staff who works with the local EMS. Right now we are looking at some, what I will call off-site detours, utilizing the street system adjacent to the hospital, but not Iowa 122. Obviously every second counts in those situations, so we’re getting the word out there early, we want to communicate that well and make sure everyone knows what’s going on here in town.”

The project is scheduled to take place in calendar years 2025 and 2026 with an estimated cost of the project being about $12.6 million.