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Mason City Community School District taxpayers to see rise in property tax levy

MASON CITY — A draft of the Fiscal Year 2022 budget for the Mason City Community School District shows a rise in the property tax levy.

Director of Finance Cherie Yoder says the levy is expected to go up from this year’s $14.17 per $1000 valuation to nearly $17 per $1000. “At this point we are at $16.99750, which is up from last year. A lot of it is we are levying back the cash for the special education deficit, and that is what has increased our amount to levy, because we need to have the money put back into the general public cash. This is what we’ve been looking at for quite a while.”

Yoder says a loss in total enrollment has an impact on the district’s finances.   “The formula is certified enrollment, it is formula driven. It’s student head count. We lost 130 kids last year, so we had to make some adjustments. We’ve been doing a  lot of staffing adjustments in buildings and looking at things overall. Every position that leaves, we look at everything.”

The board will hold a special meeting on April 5th to conduct a public hearing about the budget and then approve it.

You can see a copy of Yoder’s budget presentation last night to the Mason City School Board by clicking here

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