Mason City City Council approves four new hires for city’s Police Department

MASON CITY — Recruitment efforts for the Mason City Police Department are paying off. The City Council last night approved the hiring of four new officers to help address a shortage in the department. The council back in July approved wage changes as well as incentives to help with recruitment with the department being down by 12 budgeted officers.

Mayor Bill Schickel applauded the recruitment efforts.  “I’d like to thank our city administrator, police chief, the rank-and-file members of the police department along with our union for really making a concerted effort toward recruitment of officers. We had 84 applications in this most recent go-around. 11 of those were actually certified officers. According to the chief, that’s the most we’ve had in the last eight years, and it’s double what we typically get.”

Schickel says the council will be asked to approve more candidates in the near future.  “I’ve been given the information that the police department currently is completing background checks on five additional applicants. After conditional offers of employment are made and final testing is completed, the police chief will be bringing those applicants forward for your approval.”

Among the incentives approved by the council back in July were a $5000 signing bonus to any certified officer hired, $3000 toward closing costs of the purchase of a home in Mason City by new certified officers, and $6000 toward relocation expenses such as moving costs, temporary housing, and temporary insurance costs.