Mason City Chamber president/CEO selected to attend National Security Seminar in June

MASON CITY — The president and CEO of the Mason City Chamber of Commerce will be attending the National Security Seminar next month at the US Army War College.

Colleen Frein was nominated by retired Major General Gary Wattnem of Mason City who spent 35 years on active duty and in the Army Reserve.  He says, “As a graduate of the Army War College, I get to select a leader in the community or state to attend the National Security course, which is a week-long course in June where the selectees get to spend a week with the graduating Army War College students who are our future leaders. They then get to hear a lot of speakers from the military, from leadership in our country, from business and that type of thing, and it’s a great connection between main street and our military leaders.”

Wattnem says Frein will be able to bring back some ideas to the community.   “Our civilian leaders, there’s only 160 of them that are hand-selected from around the country, and they get to see what our future leaders are talking about, and they get to bring it back to their community.”

The US Army War College is located at Carlisle Barracks Pennsylvania.