“Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety” is this year’s theme to Fire Prevention Week (VIDEO)

MASON CITY — This is Fire Prevention Week. Mason City Fire Department assistant chief Randy Elsbernd says this year’s theme is “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety” as you should know what to do when you hear the sounds of smoke detectors and fire alarms in buildings. 

He says,  “Say you go out to eat and the fire alarm goes off as you are eating, the strobe starts flashing and so on. Know where your nearest exit is. The sound is happening, it’s alerting you, you’re seeing the strobes flash. Knowing where your nearest exit is. That exit is not always the door that you came in. It’s important to exit the building, because you don’t know what’s going on.”

Elsbernd says make sure you have a working smoke detector. “Make sure you have a working smoke detector, make sure you test it once a month. Make sure you know what it sounds like, and know what it sounds like when the battery is dead. I’ll get a medical call once in a while and I hear the beep, and I know it’s the dead battery or a battery about to go dead on a smoke detector. Those beeps are important. That’s part of listening. Your battery needs to be changed to keep you safe that way.”

Elsbernd says you should practice with your family how you’ll get out of your house when there is a fire.   “Practice your exit drills with your kids in the home. Have your meeting spot and so on. You have one to two minutes with our modern construction to get out of a home safely versus to seven or eight years back.”

The Mason City Fire Department will be holding an open house on Sunday from noon to 3:00. Elsbernd made his comments during a press conference this morning that you can watch in its entirety below



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