Lady of the Lake hosts 12th annual Veterans Cruise in Clear Lake

CLEAR LAKE — The 12th annual Veterans Cruise on the Lady of the Lake in Clear Lake took place on Wednesday afternoon. Two separate cruises saw near capacity crowds of veterans and their families enjoying a day on the lake, free of charge.

Lady of the Lake owner Scott Monson says it’s an important part of his year every year.  “It stems back to my grandfather who has now passed, he was a World War II vet. We wanted to continue with it and Pritchard’s jumped in and we made a free cruise for everyone. It’s just fun to get them out and let them relax a little bit. It’s a beautiful day, a great day to get on the lake, see something new if you’ve not been out with us, and just go for a ride.”

Monson says he enjoys interacting with the veterans each year.  “It’s really fun to hear the history of the wars and how things went, and how they feel about America.”

Chuck Thome served in Vietnam with the Army and says he’s always appreciative of people thanking him for his service.  “I belong to Chapter 790 and we do the parades for Band Festival and 4th of July, and people stand up and clap and cheer, it’s fantastic. It’s something really appreciated.”

Larry Paul served 30 years in the Army, being a veteran of the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm. He says the veterans cruise each year means a lot to him.  “I’ve been on four or five of them. They are beautiful. I thank Pritchard Motors who is a big supporter of our veterans and the community here Clear Lake, and the Chamber. They all come together to help out, and the VFW and Clear Lake. All of them put this on. It’s fabulous.”

The Veterans Cruise traditionally happens on June 14th, Flag Day, but some years it has been postponed by a day or two due to the weather.