Juneteenth celebration to be held in East Park Sunday

MASON CITY — Juneteenth is now a federal holiday in the United States with the holiday taking place this Monday. It’s been celebrated annually on June 19th in various parts of the United States since 1865 commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans.

The group Mason City Voices of Inclusion will be holding a Juneteenth celebration on Sunday afternoon in East Park. Spokesman Day Peace says the group has held a celebration the last couple of years, but this year they want to try to make it a bigger celebration.   “We kind of rebranded the group, it’s now called Mason City Voices of Inclusion, because we just wanted to do something that lets people know ‘hey we’re here, we believe in these things’, and we want to include as many people as possible. Sunday from 2:00-to-7:00, specifically the first couple of hours, I’ll be there, we’re going to talk about Juneteenth, and we’re going to have some Black entrepreneurs and business owners chit-chat about it.”

Peace says he’s happy to see more awareness about the meaning of Juneteenth with Congress making it a federal holiday last year.  “It’s really just a great acknowledgement and recognition of the American history that we’ve had and a real true Independence Day for Black people, and really just the idea that we can kind of celebrate that and more people know about it is very impactful.”

The event takes place from 2:00-to-7:00 PM at East Park in Mason City. For more information about the event, you can click here

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