Iowa’s US Senators say Trump should not face charges

WASHINGTON — The two Republicans who represent Iowa in the United States Senate say today’s arraignment of former President Trump in Miami shows there are two standards for justice in America.

Senator Chuck Grassley said it comes as the FBI is denying House Republicans’ request for more information about an investigation of Hunter and Joe Biden in 2020. “I’ll tell you what Iowans are telling me, not only about this indictment, but the previous one as well,” Grassley said. “They’re concerned about the unequal application of the law.”

Senator Joni Ernst said since former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t face federal charges after using a private email server for official communications, then Trump shouldn’t face charges for taking classified documents when he left the White House.

“Of course the former president did have classified information. We know that,” Ernst said Monday. “However, we know that’s true of a number of other players on the other side of the aisle.”

Trump’s indictment sows more doubt in American institutions, according to Ernst. “What I hear from Iowans and what I personally feel is that there have been two systems of justice here,” Ernst said yesterday.

Trump has been charged with the willful retention of national defense information after resisting the government’s attempts to retrieve classified materials. Ernst said Trump was “careless” and those classified documents should be kept in a secure location, but Ernst said Trump should not be charged.

Ernst made her comments during Monday’s taping of a debate series sponsored by the Edward Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate that aired on Fox Nation and will be broadcast Sunday night on the Fox News Channel. Bill Barr, who served as Trump’s attorney general, said on Fox News that Trump had been the “victim of witch hunts in the past,” but he’s “not a victim” in this case and Trump had “no right” to take the documents with him when he left the White House.