Iowa’s U.S. House delegation backs Biden impeachment inquiry

WASHINGTON — The four Republicans who represent Iowa in the U.S. House have voted to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

Second district Congresswoman Ashley Hinson of Marion said there are “credible allegations” that may connect Biden to his son Hunter’s business dealings. “We have been able to trace through numerous shell companies many of the transactions that funnel dollars directly from the Chinese Communist Party through the Biden family,” Hinson said during a conference call with Iowa reporters. “That to me is significant, in terms of following the money.”

Hinson said the impeachment inquiry gives the House Judiciary Committee a stronger legal position as it seeks access to some materials.”It makes it so that we can actually force compliance with our subpoenas and it’s our solemn duty to get the facts the American people,” Hinson said, “especially as the White House continues to stonewall congressional oversight.”

Third district Congressman Zach Nunn of Bondurant said the inquiry gives congress the power to “effectively conduct oversight” of the Executive Branch. “I think anybody right now would say there are a lot of questions when it comes to the president’s actions,” Nunn said Thursday on KMA Radio. “When we look back at just what’s been presented to us through public information, we know that the president has received money from his son, Hunter Biden, in situations that absolutely bear greater scrutiny.”

Nunn said he went to congress to hold D-C politicians accountable and the inquiry will show whether the president’s conduct merits impeachment. “I’m going to be impartial on this going forward, but I want to make sure that congress and the American people have the facts presented to them,” Nunn said, “and simply burying our heads in the sand here is the simply the same kind of soft on crime, defund the police kind of attitude that has made other communities less safe.”

Fourth district Congressman Randy Feenstra of Hull said in a written statement that Biden has been “uncooperative and evasive” with congressional committees and the impeachment inquiry brings congress “one step closer” to uncovering the facts about the Biden family’s foreign business dealings. First district Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks said in a video posted on social media that she was “proud to support the impeachment inquiry,” which she said is “the next necessary step in the methodical process” Republicans have taken to investigating the president.

Biden, in a written statement, said Republicans are “choosing to waste time on a baseless political stunt” rather than focusing on the “urgent work” that congress needs to get done.