Iowa’s top voting official releases 18 videos to explain the voting process

DES MOINES — This is National Civic Learning Week and Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is launching a new series of videos designed to give Iowa voters an in-depth look at the state’s voting process.

Pate says the series will cover a variety of topics, including voter registration, registration management, absentee voting, and more. “We are proud of the fact that Iowa is consistently a top-ranked state in terms of election administration and voter participation,” Pate says. “We’re able to achieve recognitions like this because Iowans are highly engaged in Iowa’s voting process.”

Pate says the video series is part of an ongoing effort to ensure Iowans turn to his office as the trusted source of all things elections. With a rise in misinformation on social media, Pate says it’s important that Iowans understand Iowa’s elections process and stay alert for false claims. “This video series allows Iowans to get really into the weeds in what our elections process looks like and understand all the layers to election integrity,” he says.

The series includes 18 separate videos about Iowa’s voting process, while more videos covering topics like Election Day and the tabulation process will be released in the coming months.

Find the series here: VotingProcess.Iowa.Gov.