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Iowa Restaurant Association encourages people to order directly from restaurants, don’t use third-party services

MASON CITY — The head of the Iowa Restaurant Association says they are encouraging people to order directly from their favorite restaurant instead of relying on a third-party service to bring them food.

Jessica Dunker says in an industry trying to recover from a 33% drop in revenue in the past year, using those services ends up not being profitable for many of those restaurants.  “The third-party delivery model — the DoorDash or UberEats — these services that you call and order, that is actually not a profitable or winning model for the vast majority of restaurants. What is profitable in a winning model is if you call the restaurant directly and are willing to go and get out of the house and pick it up.”

Dunker says there’s also the issue of food safety with third-party services. “We’re also more comfortable with food safety and product quality when we are able to hand what we prepare directly to the customer and are not trusting that a third-party who is not an employee of ours is transporting things maybe in a car with their kids, or their cat, or smoking, or with other passengers. We’re just not big fans as the restaurant industry.”

Dunker encourages people that if they are typically a restaurant customer two times a week that they think about going to their favorite restaurant a third time each week in an effort to help them get to the other side of the economic downturn. 

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