Iowa House passes resolution in support of Israel

DES MOINES — The Iowa House has passed a resolution supporting Israel’s “right to act decisively….to pursue the elimination of Hamas” after the terror attack on October 7.

The resolution expressed sympathy and support for the families of Israelis who were killed or taken hostage three months ago. The resolution was not debated and passed on a voice vote after half dozen Republicans read the document aloud.

Representative John Dunwell of Newton read a section of the resolution about Israel’s war aims: “The House of Representatives expresses its support for the State of Israel’s right to pursue, without interference or condemnation, the elimination of Hamas and any other affiliated terrorist groups until Hamas and all such groups are permanently neutralized and public safety is assured.”

Representative John Wills of Spirit Lake was the resolution’s lead sponsor and read the closing paragraphs aloud:  “The House of Representatives calls upon Iowa’s state and local law enforcement agencies to remain vigilant in protecting all Israeli Americans and all supporters of the state of Israel from acts of crime and all other unlawful discrimination.”

Representative Sami Scheetz, a Democrat from Cedar Rapids, is the first Arab American of Palestinian descent to be elected to the state legislature and he voted no on the resolution. Scheetz said the October 7 attack by Hamas was “brutal” and “should be condemned,” but Scheetz said “there is no reason to believe that more violence in Gaza will lead to an end to a conflict which has raged in that region for close to a century.”

There were about 60 pro-Palestinian protesters were in the Capitol rotunda earlier today, calling for a cease fire in Gaza.