Iowa GOP gathers for fundraiser just before 20024 legislative session starts

DES MOINES — Republicans gathered for a fundraising breakfast in Des Moines just before the Iowa legislature convened this  morning. This is the 8th year Republicans have held the governorship and a majority of seats in the Iowa House and Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver says Republicans aren’t afraid to take on tough issues. “I would challenge the legislators that are here today to continue that mentality,” Whitver said. “Continue to be bold and let’s continue to move this state forward.”

House Speaker Pat Grassley says Republicans have an opportunity to ensure Iowa counters what he calls the “liberal creep” in Minnesota. “Folks, the liberals are looking to the states. They’re seeing what we’re going at the state level and how successful we’ve been in states like Iowa and they’re starting to think: ‘Well, we can’t just do everything at the federal government. We have to get more engaged at the state level,’ so we cannot become complacent,” Grassley said. “Talk to your neighbors to the north. In one election, they’ve turned it upside down.”

The House and Senate convened at 10 a.m. this (Monday) morning.