Iowa firm illuminated Capitol for Bush observances

OSKALOOSA — An Oskaloosa company rushed equipment to Washington, D.C. a few days ago to temporarily illuminate the nation’s capitol at night. Musco Lighting president Joe Crookham says two trucks were positioned to light the exterior as former President George H. W. Bush was lying is state inside.

“This is very special. George Bush was a very special person,” Crookham says. “…Our team is proud to have the opportunity to be a part of recognizing somebody who has been this great for our country.”

Musco got the call Saturday morning to go to Washington.

“Three of our guys on our team hopped in a couple of trucks and headed for Washington, D.C. and by Sunday night they had it set up and everybody was comfortable that it was going to work,” Crookham says. “so we were ready for it when the casket arrived on Monday.”

Musco’s lighting was positioned to illuminate the east side of the Capitol, as Bush’s casket was carried up the steps. Crookham says Musco’s past experience with television networks helped them get this job.

“We have been working with them for many years and so it’s very common when they need to light something of that sort that they call us,” Crookham says. “NBC was the one heading up the operation for all the television people. It’s become pretty common place for us to do that sort of thing.”

Musco also set up mobile lighting for the U.S. Capitol when President Bush was inaugurated in 1989.

Musco has a wide portfolio of outdoor lighting projects, mostly for sports venues. In 2015, the company installed new lighting for the Statue of Liberty.



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