Iowa AG’s Office says they won’t prosecute Cerro Gordo County Auditor for using mail machine for political purposes

MASON CITY — An assistant Iowa Attorney General says after reviewing the case, the Cerro Gordo County Auditor will not be prosecuted by his office for using a county postage meter for political purposes.

The County Attorney’s office referred the investigation to the Iowa Attorney General’s office due to a conflict of interest. Assistant Attorney General Scott Brown says Adam Wedmore on January 27th entered the courthouse and utilized a mail machine to stamp 1000 pieces of campaign mail. On February 2nd, Wedmore sent an email to his finance director stating that he had used the mail machine for non-county purposes and that he intended to reimburse the county for the postage used and he also purchased a replacement ink cartridge for the mail machine. The email was sent after he had been notified that a county supervisor inquired about the use of the mail machine.

Wedmore on February 5th provided a check to the auditor’s office finance director drawn on his election account for $650, with a note stating that it was for the mail cost, replacement of ink used, and any electricity used for the operation of the machine. Wedmore later admitted in an interview with law enforcement that he should not have used the machine but had always intended to reimburse the county.

Brown says while charges of fourth-degree theft and non-felonious misconduct in office could be considered, there is insufficient proof that Wedmore intended to permanently deprive the county of the costs, and that the Attorney General’s office declines to prosecute Wedmore. Brown says that Wedmore’s actions and behavior have been reported to the ethics commission that oversees county auditors and that information will be forwarded to the State Auditor’s office for any action warranted by that office.

A copy of Brown’s decision can be found by clicking here

The Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors on a 2-1 vote Monday approved a further investigation into the matter.