Improper dumping of yard waste starting to be a problem once again on south shore of Clear Lake

CLEAR LAKE — While the issue of improperly dumping yard waste and other materials along South Shore Drive in rural Clear Lake was addressed over the summer by county and state officials, the problem is surfacing again. People had been dumping a variety of waste near the Lekwa Marsh, but fewer instances of that were happening after the county sent a letter to residents in that area, saying that doing so damages the protective wildlife area.

County Engineer Brandon Billings told the Board of Supervisors this week that his department is continuing to address the issue.  “Out on South Shore, the area that we cleaned up from the yard waste disposal, we’ve noticed a couple of people have resumed dumping. It’s not a big problem. We’re trying to track down who it is so we can inform them that this is not the proper thing to do and try and stop this in the future. In general it’s been going pretty well, we just need to stop the last few stragglers that decide to do it.”

Supervisor Chris Watts wants to have Billings’ department as well as the Sheriff’s Department clamp down on violators.   He says, “I don’t want to see you give them another warning, I want to have you call the sheriff. They’ve had two letters, one to their legal residence and one to the residents on South Shore, and I think we need to send a clearer message that enough is enough.” Billings replied, “It’s going to be a lot stronger than we’ve done in the past. I just didn’t want to overestimate what the response was going to be.”

Department of Natural Resources officials say not only could chemicals applied to the yard waste leak into the lake, the improper disposals also increase the chances of invasive species making their way into another body of water in the area. 

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