Hinson talks about immigration during Mason City stop

MASON CITY — The US Senate rejected a vote on Wednesday to pass a bipartisan border security deal coupled with foreign aid packages for Ukraine and Israel and then turned around hours later to pass the $95 billion foreign aid package for the two countries.

North-central Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says she applauds those who have worked on the bipartisan deal, but President Biden could easily circumvent Congress and take action on his own.   “Unfortunately we have a president who could fix this today. There’s about 60 executive orders that he has signed that he could reverse action on today and make a meaningful change at the southern border and secure the border. I’ve called on the president to do that. I sent a letter last week with dozens of my colleagues to ask him to reverse course there.”

Hinson says House Republicans have attempted to address the immigration issue.  “House Republicans, we passed HR 2 last year, which we think is the baseline marker for securing the border number one. Legal immigration is important to this country, but incentivizing illegal immigration is not the answer, and unfortunately that Senate bill would allow for 1.82 million people to still come into the country every year, and I think that’s a little bit challenging for us right now.”

Hinson says she doesn’t understand why Biden won’t take an executive order action to address immigration and instead is pushing for Congress to make decisions on the issue.  “I can’t speak for why the president has made this decision, but I can tell you I’m doing everything to push back on a decision that I think is very wrong for our country. That’s why I voted to impeach Secretary Mayorkas this week. I actually called on him to resign because he lied to Congress, he lied to me as an appropriator, which I’m in charge of doing that accountability. I think that’s egregious that not only is he lying to us as elected representatives, but he’s dutifully not enforcing the laws that are already on the books. I think that the president is wrong here and I think that’s going to be reflected in the election this year.”

Hinson believes there will be another impeachment vote on Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.   “I hope so. Obviously we have a very narrow majority in Congress and attendance matters for that. I will say this that I think it was the right move to move forward with the process. I think we’ve made our case to the American people and I think they are on our side judging what I’ve heard from folks in the district.”

Hinson made her comments after being the featured speaker at the “Breaking Glass” event sponsored by the Mason City Chamber of Commerce.