Ashley Hinson

CLEAR LAKE — Congresswoman Ashley Hinson attended her first Clear Lake 4th of July parade on Monday.

The Republican from Marion is running for the new Second Congressional District seat that includes Cerro Gordo, Floyd and Butler counties in our immediate listening area.  “Glad to be back. This is my third or fourth campaign stop here as part of the new district. So I’m really excited to be back in Clear Lake.”

Hinson says lofty gas prices continues to be something she hears complaints about on the campaign trail.  “Energy security in the United States continues to be probably the most dominant part of everybody’s conversations, especially since it’s summer driving season, everybody’s on the road, everybody’s very cognizant of how much it costs to put gas in their car. I’m hearing a lot about that and trying to push back against administration policies that are creating this environment.”

Hinson says inflation continues to be a sore subject for many people.   “I was in downtown Belle Plaine (Sunday) for their events and talked to a truck driver who said he is spending $750 a day in diesel fuel right now. It used to be about $300-400. You can see what that bottom-line impact is right there, and the fastest way to control inflation is to control fuel prices.”

Hinson is a former Cedar Rapids television news anchor and will face Democrat Liz Mathis, who also was a former TV anchor in the Cedar Rapids-Waterloo television market who currently is a state senator and is the chief information officer at Four Oaks in Cedar Rapids.