Hinson says temporary federal spending plan likely by Friday deadline

DES MOINES — Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says she shares Iowans’ frustration as congress approaches another deadline and the potential for a federal government shutdown.

“I always say it’s not the 11th hour until it’s the 11th hour and I think congress runs on an 11:59 deadline. I’m hopeful, again, and my goal has always been to get the most conservative bill we can get done in divided government,” Hinson said. “That’ll continue to be my focus until that deadline hits on Friday.”

Hinson, a Republican from Marion, suggested another temporary spending bill is likely. “I’ve made myself really clear that I’m willing to vote to move the process forward,” Hinson said. “I think the most conservative option is to actually keep the Border Patrol agents paid to make sure that they’re keeping our country safe, making sure our military is being paid overseas as they’re being fired upon no less than 150 times. I think it’s very critical that we continue to fund the government in the most conservative way we can.”

Hinson does not want or expect the package that may clear congress this week to include U.S. military aid for allies like Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. “I’ve told my colleagues my priority is getting through Friday, getting these appropriations bills done first,” Hinson said. “I know there are conversations about the supplemental packages. I haven’t seen what the final language is going to be coming out of the House yet, but I know our leadership is currently working on that.”

Hinson is the member of the Appropriations Committee in the U.S. House of Repreentatives.