Hinson introduces flood mitigation bill using USDA program

MARION — Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson has introduced a flood mitigation bill that uses the existing U-S-D-A Regional Conservation Partnership Program. “Despite flooding being a major challenge for American agriculture, flooding has never really been elevated as a natural resource concern within the RCPP programs,” Hinson says.

Hinson is a Republican from Marion and was a T-V reporter in Cedar Rapids during the flooding there 15 years ago. She says the legislation will expand prevention measures and ensure communities can secure the resources to protect themselves from flooding. “The infrastructure for these programs already exists if we can use it for some of these other critical flood mitigation initiatives to protect homes and crops and across cost effective way I think that’s what the intent is,” Hinson says. 

Democrat Illinois Congressman Eric Sorensen is co-sponsoring the “Flood Resiliency and Land Stewardship Act” with Hinson.  Sorensen is a former T-V meteorologist.