Hinson doesn’t favor any funding for sanctuary cities

WASHINGTON — Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says cities that have supported the Biden Administration’s border policy should not be getting any funding now to help them with the immigration crisis.

“Sanctuary city mayors from L-A, New York, Chicago and Denver requested five billion dollars to help with the illegal immigrant crisis in their communities,” Hinson says. “And I would just like to note here, they did not really ask for policy changes at the southern border to stem the flow of illegal immigration. Instead, they now just want taxpayers to put the bill.” 

The Republican from Marion says her stance is clear on this proposal.  “I’m a hard no on any funding to bail out sanctuary cities and sanctuary city policies,” she says.

Hinson says the immigration policies have to be changed, starting with an end to “catch and release” at the border. “We need to stop taxpayer funding of social services for illegal immigrants. And we need to ensure both Border Patrol and ice can do their job,” Hinson says.

She says House Republicans passed the Secure Border Act earlier this year that would take several steps to secure the southern border. There’s a possibility the Senate might send the House a package that includes funding for the border, Ukraine, and Israel lumped together. Hinson doesn’t like that idea. I think lumping Ukraine, Israel, and the border, I guess together doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. I think that is exactly what’s wrong with Washington. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be voting on these individually,” Hinson says. 

Hinson says it’s important to be sure any funding for Ukraine has oversight and accountability so they know the money is being used the way it was intended.