Hinson discusses government shutdown, impeachment inquiry

MARION — Iowa Second District Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says she doesn’t want to   get into hypotheticals about any stopgap budget measures to avoid a government shutdown.

Hinson says they should instead focus on passing the most conservative spending bills they can. “I don’t want to see a government shutdown. I want to pass our appropriations bills. I’ve worked a lot on those. I’m very invested in making sure they get across the finish line,” Hinson says. “And I’m hopeful that we can do that, and then go even further to cut wasteful spending and improve our government funding process with hopefully a Republican president and Senate next year.”

The Republican from Marion says she would support an impeachment inquiry into President Biden’s dealings with his son. “I’ve never been someone who, you know, has supported impeaching someone for political reasons. I think we saw that happen to President Trump,” she says. “But the way I see it, the Biden family’s corruption has become evident. They’ve ramped up their steps to Stonewall and shove it under the rug. So I think an impeachment inquiry is warranted.”

Hinson says  the inquiry doesn’t mean they would seek impeachment, but says it would give them some answers so they can follow the facts wherever they may lead. “I think they are separate issues,” she says.

Hinson made her comments during her weekly conference call with the media.