Hinson cites bipartisan support for dealing with China

WASHINGTON — Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says the Chinese Communist Party shouldn’t be allowed to continue its human rights abuses.

“Our job is to peel back the curtain to let the American people know not only about these atrocities, but about the true risks to continuing to appease the CCP. Again, this is about creating a blueprint so we can be competitive going forward,” Hinson says.

Hinson is a Republican from Marion who says China has a documented plan to become the world’s dominant superpower by 2049, and the U.S. has to do what it can to derail that plan. “Whether that’s making sure that they’re not allowed to buy our farmland or we need to put more keys in our intellectual property theft, making sure that they’re following through on their trade deals, and actually fulfilling their end of the deal,” she says. “So we need to take a look at every single lever that we can pull to make sure that America first and foremost we retain our dominance in the world.”

Hinson says there is clear bipartisan support on this issue and she hopes the Biden administration will take note. “The Chinese spy balloon and how the administration handled that, I think is a hugely concerning issue. And you saw us go to the floor and condemn in a very bipartisan way, China’s attempt here to completely undermine the United States. Right,” Hinson says. “So clearly, there is consensus in Congress. And I’m hopeful that the administration follows that consensus.”

Hinson made her comments in a conference call with reporters.