Hinson bill on pregnant college students passes House

WASHINGTON — A bill sponsored by Congresswoman Ashley Hinson that requires information on resources be given to pregnant college students has passed the House of Representatives.

“Unfortunately many women on college campuses are pressured into having an abortion and told they must choose between having their baby and continuing their education despite Title Nine protections in place,” she says.

Hinson, a Republican from Marion, spoke about the bill on the House floor. “Under Title Nine pregnant students have the right to stay in school finish their education and achieve their career goals. However, academic disparity exists due to the lack of resources, support and tools for pregnant students,” Hinson says. “These women may fear institutional reprisal, a loss of athletic scholarship or negative impacts on their academic opportunity and standing.”

Hinson says pregnant students should know about all the options and resources available to them. “There are many organizations that provide physical and emotional support for new and soon to be moms, and pregnant students should know about these resources on college campuses. They deserve to be treated with respect and to be surrounded with care and love,” she says.

Hinson says the isolation of pregnant students might lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges.