Hinson backing border immigration bills

WASHINGTON — North-central Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson is pushing a couple of measures she says would address issues at the southern border.

The Republican from Marion says the Biden Administration has created the border crisis. “The border patrol’s Del Rio sector, which I have visited, they have arrested at least 21 child sex predators crossing the border illegally just since October 1st. The convictions of these folks include child rape, aggravated sexual assault of children. And as a mom, there’s frankly nothing more disgusting than knowing this is going on,” Hinson says.

She says the Biden Administration is ignoring the problem. “They’re simply peddling lies that the border is secure. They’re telling Americans not to worry about this. But it’s horrific, and it’s a worsening emergency,” Hinson says.

Hinson says one piece of legislation called the “PRINTS Act” would keep men from using kids to make it appear they are part of a family so they be quickly released if taken into custody. “A border patrol agent recently informed Congress that traffickers are using younger kids because the federal government does not fingerprint children under the age of 14. So what the PRINTS Act does is it gives C-B-P (Customs and Border Patrol) , the authority to fingerprint non citizens under the age of 14,” she says.

She says the kids are recycled and used over and over again by men trying to cross the border. The other bill is the Southern Border Transparency Act. “It’s designed to hold the Biden administration accountable for its failed border policies, by requiring the Department of Homeland Security to issue reports detailing the total number of illegal immigrants encountered at the southern border and released into the country,” Hinson says.

Hinson says it will force the Biden administration to be fully transparent with the American people about their catch-and-release policy.