Heat can also be a problem for workers inside

OMAHA — You don’t have to be working outside to have the extreme heat impact your health.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Matt Thurlby says those who work in unairconditioned warehouses can be at risk.  “The inside of those structures, especially with direct warming from the sun, can actually get just as warm, if not warmer than it is outdoors,” he says. “So it’s very important that those folks are protected as well. And the company has a viable heat prevention program. ”

Thurlby is an area director for OSHA based in Omaha and says a heat prevention program involves water, rest and shade. “Stay hydrated, make sure people take breaks and make sure that shade is provided. So they’re out of the direct exposure to the sunlight. These are three very simple but very effective mechanisms for the prevention of a heat illness issue.

Workers who feel like their employers are not providing enough protection measures from the heat should file a complaint with OSHA.